Our mission


Ensure that your M&A transaction (company disposal or acquisition, LBO or fund raising) effectively generates all the results you are expecting from it.


a performing M&A strategy.


the transaction’s negotiation and financing.


the post-merger integration.

Louvre Advisory

Our mission

Advise you so that your M&A transaction effectively generates all the results you are expecting from it.

To this end, we advise you in:

  • defining and adapting a performing M&A strategy,
  • optimizing the negotiation and the financing of each transaction,
  • organizing and managing the post-merger integration.

Our distinctiveness is to offer these 3 know-hows in an integrated way to leaders and stockholders of SMEs.

In a changing environment, we assist companies in reinventing themselves, through acquisitions, disposals, LBOs and fund raisings.

  • Analysis of the strategic environment, construction of the M&A strategy.

  • Mapping of the companies (buyers or targets) that may be the subject of a transaction, as well as of potential synergies.

  • Identification of operational constraints, anticipation of the post-merger integration.

  • Concentration on the transactions creating the highest value for stockholders.

We optimize the implementation of the transaction.

  • Financial analysis and modeling of the business plan of our client.

  • Organization of the negotiation process with the best targets and under the best possible conditions.

  • Optimal analysis and presentation of the strategic and financial information.

  • Financial engineering; search for and negotiation with financial partners.

We stand by stockholders and company leaders in the operational implementation of their transaction.

  • Partner of stockholders selling a company: optimization of the sale’s conditions.

  • Partner of stockholders acquiring a company: implementation of the financing of the transaction in equity and in debt.

  • Partner of management: adaptation of the company’s organization to the conduct of the transaction; know-how transfer in M&A.

  • Stakeholder to the transaction’s success: coordination of the task force preparing and implementing the post-merger integration.